Roundtable Registration


This advisory roundtable is invitation-only for people with whom we've worked in the past. We appreciate your time and any feedback you can provide.

Our goal is to continue to provide superior value to help our veterinary friends, and we can only do that with your input!

Monday 11/30 @ 1pm ET

Tuesday 12/1 @ 4pm ET

Thursday 12/3 @ 12pm ET

The Fine Print:

  • Yes, this Roundtable is free. You're helping us! (And we seriously appreciate it.)

  • No, this isn't a sales pitch. We're showing you a new program and asking for your feedback. We're not going to ask you to buy anything during this call. If you want to subscribe, we can talk after the Roundtable. Your input will help us know what's important and what's not so when we offer to to others we know what to say.

  • If you end up being busy and can't attend, we would really appreciate it if you would let us know. We only invited people we've worked with in the past, so we'll try to wait for you before starting.

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