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My First CE Lecture

On Saturday, August 26th I delivered my very first CE lecture at the AVI Talbot Symposium at CVC in Kansas City.

It was a thrill to be back in the saddle doing presentations – I was a trainer for many years at the start of my career and I often miss it. It was also a bit terrifying because I am relatively new to the pet health industry and wanted to be certain I was delivering great value to the people who trusted me with their time.

“Do What You Love”

I quickly got into a groove and started enjoying myself. I was talking about a topic I know very well – how to take a procedural approach to decision-making and problem solving – and applying it to veterinary practice data. The head nods, audience participation, and fervent note-taking gave me confidence that I was on the right track, even though a few people left the room after a few minutes. I have now been asked back to re-deliver the lecture at CVC in San Diego. (I’m thrilled!)

In the end, I came to realize that when you’re passionate about something, you’ll make it work with quality and pride, even when you’re not completely confident in yourself.

What Veterinarians Can Take Away From This Realization

I recently heard a funny joke: What’s the difference between a sales person and a veterinarian? Answer – “A sales person hears ‘No’ 9 times and ‘Yes’ one time and goes home feeling the day was a success. A veterinarian hears ‘Yes’ 9 times and ‘No’ only one time and never wants to discuss that topic again.”

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Even when a veterinarian has complete confidence that his/her advice is solid and will help a pet, the topic will be avoided if a few clients object to it.

My advice: If you’re passionate about the advice (be it pet insurance, flea/tick & heartworm prevention, dental, or whatever), find a way to make yourself comfortable communicating it to clients. Not everyone will want to hear it, and that’s completely fine. But if it matters to you, run with it and be proud every time you’re able to help a pet.


About Pet Cause Media

Headquartered in Central Massachusetts, Pet Cause Media is the national leader for improving veterinary practice outcomes using data. Smart Outcomes™ is a portfolio of integrated client outreach technologies for veterinary offices that focus on just-in-time messaging. Veterinary staff are made aware of products, procedures and best practices to discuss with management, trainers and product reps. Pet owners, while in a “pet frame of mind”, are presented with contextually-relevant information to discuss with veterinary staff. Benefits include increased compliance, improved pet health outcomes, and elevated practice revenues. Visit for more details. Follow Pet Cause Media on Facebook and Twitter.


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