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5 Reasons to Sponsor Pet Owner Pre-Education

If you are looking for a new way to engage your customers, you might want to consider veterinary pre-education, shorthand for running brief educational segments before the veterinary exam. There are already multiple companies operating to help provide this service to veterinarians, and the industry is growing rapidly. Below are some of the top reasons that more and more companies are choosing to sponsor veterinary pre-education segments:

1: Veterinarians Love It

Pre-education is designed to answer pet owner questions before the veterinarian has to. Veterinarians love it; it saves them time and allows them to increase compliance with vital procedures and medications. Because pre-education is such a useful tool for the vets, they are always eager to see new sponsors appearing to help them bring their messages forward, and are consequently always looking to help their sponsors by promoting their products.

2: Align Your Company with Pet Health

Pre-education is a great way to associate your product with pet health, meaning that pet owners will be more likely to choose you over your competition if given the choice. Sponsorship goes both ways—when you sponsor an education message in the hospital, the hospital is essentially endorsing your product. Pet owners who see your message in the hospital will learn to associate your company with the pet health message that it promotes.

3: Not All Ad Views are Created Equal

CPM (cost per 1000 views) is a misleading term. Not all views are created equal. While a pet owner might thumb past an ad in a magazine in the waiting room, or a banner ad might appear alongside a web article, the likelihood that this “view” constitutes any likelihood of a sale is slim to none. By advertising on screens in the waiting room, you are guaranteed the focused attention of pet owners, 8/10 of whom put down their cell phones or books and watch hospital’s TV if educational programming is playing.

4: Be Flexible for the Modern Age

Pre-education is digital, and digital is flexible. Unlike print or broadcast media, digital can be changed instantly to ensure that your marketing campaign is always timely and maximally effective. Test different content at different locations and different hours of the day easily and at no extra cost. While most companies charge high fees to alter content, others do not, meaning that you can utilize their tools to get your message out as clearly as possible.

5: Enhance your Omni-Channel Strategy

The path to a purchase is not so clear as it once was. Customers now follow a multi-device channel to a purchase and require a multi-channel marketing strategy to proceed to a sale. Pre-education offers a chance to access the client at another key point in their decision-making process relative to their pet. It allows for a multi-faceted marketing approach, coupling the ability for direct-response marketing with brand marketing and calls to action. Whether the sale occurs in the hospital or at the pet store that the client goes to afterwards, sponsoring pre-education allows you to address your client’s biggest concerns for the pets and expands your marketing quiver, giving you a tremendous leg up on the competition.


About Pet Cause Media

Headquartered in Central Massachusetts, Pet Cause Media is the national leader for improving veterinary practice outcomes using data. Smart Outcomes™ is a portfolio of integrated client outreach technologies for veterinary offices that focus on just-in-time messaging. Veterinary staff are made aware of products, procedures and best practices to discuss with management, trainers and product reps. Pet owners, while in a “pet frame of mind”, are presented with contextually-relevant information to discuss with veterinary staff. Benefits include increased compliance, improved pet health outcomes, and elevated practice revenues. Visit for more details. Follow Pet Cause Media on Facebook and Twitter.


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