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  • Learn about the Smart Outcomes Risk-free Trial Program 9/23/19
    Mon, Sep 30
    Online - details to be provided
    Sep 30, 2019, 12:00 PM EDT
    Online - details to be provided
    This invitation-only program gives you the opportunity to try Smart Outcomes risk-free for 6 months. Join our webinar to learn more about this special offer.

You must be pretty special! You've been invited to this page to see if your practice could benefit from participating in our Risk-free Trial program. Not everyone gets this opportunity.

What's it about? 

We'll be completely honest. Some practices we've talked to think Smart Outcomes is a great idea. So great, in fact, that it "sounds too good to be true." We get it! We knew we could make a difference when we created the service, but we didn't expect it to be that good out of the gate. And yet - it has been. Over and over again.

So we devised a way for you to try Smart Outcomes risk-free. We want you to prove to yourself (and us) that it works before making a commitment. It's simple:

You don't pay for Smart Outcomes unless it makes you money.

That's the short version. The longer version is: Each month we'll calculate the average outpatient invoice amount for your practice and compare it to the seasonally-adjusted average for your practice from the last few years. If we produce a lift of $10/invoice or less, you keep all of the lift we produced. Anything beyond $10/invoice gets paid to Inulogica - but only up to a maximum amount per month. See that? We're not greedy. We want this to work for both of us!

Details, details - we make this as simple as possible, but there are a few details to know about. There are a few ways you can learn more:

  • Set up a time to chat with us one-on-one. We're consultants, not sales-oriented. We'll work with you to determine if and how Smart Outcomes can work for you. You can email or use our contact form to set up a time to chat.

  • Attend one of our webinars. The upcoming events are listed below.

  • Need to refresh your memory about Smart Outcomes and how it helps practices? Visit our home page.


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