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Data privacy is a sensitive subject.

We want you

to rest easy.

At Inulogica, we know that your clients' privacy is extremely important to you, that's why we have a privacy policy that places you and your needs first. We guarantee that no personally identifiable information will ever leave your practice without your express permission. Our private data integration is safe, secure and easy, and if you ever have any questions about how your data is being used, you can always ask us.

Why we use your data

Your data is the key to unlocking the YES from your clients. 

There's always some way to improve your performance. Maybe you're great on dental but not on microchips. Maybe you're having difficulty getting clients to be compliant on a heartworm protocol. Maybe it's just hard to communicate the value of the surgery that you know that the animal needs.

Wherever you could use help, your data will show us ways that we can help you start the conversation with your clients. With custom content meeting the needs of each individual patient, you can be sure that your clients have your priorities for their animals' health in mind before they even walk into the exam. 

Why we protect  your data

You value your relationship with your clients and always look out for their best interests. Why would we do anything different?

Trust is one of our core values at Inulogica, and we want to ensure that you can always trust us to be transparent in everything we do. As your partner in improving pet health, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you and your clients' privacy.

In addition to protecting your clients' data, we also protect yours to ensure that no personally identifiable data is ever released without your express permission. There are so many companies in the business of making money off of your information, that we thought there should be someone in the business of keeping things private.

What we do and don't do with data

What we would say:
  • "56% of clients in the California region failed to renew a prescription for heartworm prevention."
  • "214 dogs in X zip code were treated with Y medication."
  • "78% of Labrador Retrievers are compliant."
  • "Doctors with fewer than 5 years experience 60% more dental revenues than their peers of more than 5 years."
  • "Sales of product K improved by 24% last year in the Midwest region."
What we wouldn't say:
  • "John Smith at ABC Veterinary Practice in California failed to renew a prescription for heartworm prevention."
  • "214 dogs at ABC Veterinary Practice were treated with Y medication."
  • "Sparky, a Labrador Retriever at ABC Veterinary Practice is compliant."
  • "Doctor Adams, of ABC Veterinary Practice, generated 60% more dental revenue than her peers at ABC."
  • "Sales of product K improved by 24% last year at ABC Veterinary Practice."

Still curious?

Still have some questions or concerns? We want to make sure that you are absolutely positive that you are satisfied that your data will be used responsibly.

You can read the full version of our Data Privacy Policy below, or download a printable version here. If you still have any questions, please reach out to our team via our contact page.

Data Privacy Policy

Pet Cause Media, Inc. d/b/a Inulogica (hereafter "Inulogica") collects appointment, invoice, client, patient and other data from pet information management systems (PIMS). This data is used to provide valuable, relevant information to vet staff and pet owners so that they can ask the right questions during an exam, leading to better patient and practice outcomes.

Inulogica is committed to keeping data collected from practice management systems secure, only using it in accordance with this data privacy policy. Parties included in, and held to the terms of, this privacy policy include all Inulogica employees and vendors. All Inulogica vendors are required to execute a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before working with Inulogica ’s data.

Inulogica will never sell or disclose any data collected from a practice’s PIMS without the practice’s written permission. Data collected from a practice’s PIMS belongs exclusively to that practice.

If a practice asks Inulogica to share certain data with someone they are working with then Inulogica will do so. If a partner who works with Inulogica would like to work with the practice in a way that involves sharing data, Inulogica will introduce the partner to the practice and only share select portions of the practice's data with the partner if the practice gives written instructions to do so.

Pet owners and practice staff may use Inulogica tools to collect information about a pet or a client household in order to better determine optimal patient care. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected through Inulogica 's tools will be disclosed outside of the practice and/or Inulogica without the written consent of the practice.  Certain information about the questions asked and answered using Inulogica 's tools may be aggregated and shared with other parties if they contain no practice, client or pet PII.

This data privacy policy describes the entire obligations, limitations and expected use of data obtained from practice management systems by Inulogica. This policy is current as of August 19, 2019. The data privacy policy may change at any time and updates to the policy will be published and made readily available if/as applicable.  Questions or concerns may be addressed at any time to team@inulogica .com.

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