Your Many Options to Leverage the Pet Health Scorecard

Smart Research


Opt in to research projects, some of which pay your practice. Basic baseline data about your practice. 

  • $200 setup

  • All research projects provide research results/reports back to your practice

  • Baseline data allows you to compare your practice metrics to others in the network.

Smart Client Engagement


Pet Health Scorecard is sent to your clients via email/TXT/postcard.

  • $200 setup

  • Helps to bring clients back in to the practice

  • When Pet Health Scorecard changes for a patient, a communication is automatically generated.

Smart Insights


Advanced baseline data to compare your practice and practice team metrics to other practices in the network.

  • $200 setup

  • Always know how your practice measures up to others

  • Includes Smart Client Engagement and Smart Research.

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