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Your Many Options to Leverage the Pet Health Scorecard
Smart Outcomes is a suite of products that customizes and delivers the Pet Health Scorecard for your practice.

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First start with ...

Smart Outcomes Core


Your entry point for Smart Outcomes. Includes any one of Smart Client Engagement, Smart Waiting Room, Smart Exam Room for a single exam room, or Smart Insights Lite Edition. Also includes membership in Smart Research.

  • $200 setup

  • Requires compatible PIMS

  • Additional setup/hardware fees may apply if other programs are added.

... Then add any of the other programs here.

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Smart Client Engagement


The Pet Health Scorecard is sent to your clients via email/TXT/postcard. Clients stay on top of their pets' health and your practice enjoys better, more consistent client engagement. [More details]

  • Helps to bring clients back in to the practice

  • Pet Health Scorecard can be sent before and/or after appointments

  • When Pet Health Scorecard changes for a patient, a communication is automatically generated.

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Smart Insights


Advanced baseline data to compare your practice and team member metrics to other practices in the network. [More details]

  • Always know how your practice measures up to others

  • Baseline practice and team performance.

  • Set goals and measure against them.

  • Lite edition available for $99/month

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Smart Waiting Room


Educate clients while they wait in the waiting room. Ideal to promote services (ex. laser, cryosurgery, preventive diagnostics, chiropractic, etc.) [More details]

  • Features "Hello, Patient!" and other personalized education content.

  • Single screen or multiple screens (ex. cat/dog waiting areas).

  • Fully customizable for your practice

  • $450 1-time fee for media player

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  • $400 additional setup + hardware

  • Features the powerful Pet Health Scorecard and practice metrics dashboard.

  • Fully customizable for your practice.

Smart Exam Room

$99/month per exam room

The power of the Pet Health Scorecard at point of care. Influence clients to make better decisions about their pets' health care. Max $950/month for larger practices with many exam rooms. [More details]

  • Fully customizable Pet Health Scorecard

  • Analytics to measure performance

  • Periodic reviews with Inulogica for best practices and analysis

  • $400 additional setup + $450 1-time fee per media player

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Smart Virtual Visits

$149/month per virtual exam room

The best client experience available when the patient is inside the practice and the client is not. We like to call it "reverse telehealth". [More details]

  • Features the Pet Health Scorecard, web-based video/audio appointments, and links to practice resources.

  • $400 additional setup

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