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How do I subscribe my practice?

Subscribing is easy. Just visit our Subscribe page page and complete our practice location agreement. From there, you will receive a call within two business days from our operations team to take information for your practice’s onboarding. At the same time, we will provision and ship your hospital’s player box. Installing the player is easy (like plugging in a BluRay player) and can usually be completed by hospital staff, but if you need our help, just ask. Most practices are up and running within two weeks!

Do I need to have a TV to get Smart Outcomes™?

The Smart Waiting Room™ component feature of Smart Outcomes™ does require a TV, but you don’t have to have one already. We will ship and arrange for professional installation of your television as quickly as possible from that point. We never mark up the cost of TV purchase/installation – you pay what we pay and the TV is yours to keep. Don’t want to go with us? Not a problem. We are happy to have you install your own television at your practice. Please reach out to us if you plan to do this, so we can make sure that the TV will be compatible with our systems best support your practice’s layout.

Will it work with my practice management software?

Probably… Unless you are running a very esoteric program or you are still working with paper records, you probably have a Smart Outcomes™ compatible system. We work with the top 13 on-premise practice management software packages, and we are currently working on solutions for cloud-based systems as well. Below is a full list. Please ask us about working with your software if you do not see it below, as we are happy to try to find a solution:

  • Avimark

  • Cornerstone

  • Intravet

  • ImproMed (Infinity)

  • DVMax

  • DVM Manager

  • ALIS Vet

  • Clientrax

  • Vettech

  • V-Tech

  • VIA

  • Vetstar

  • Vetter

  • StringSoft

  • Ezyvet (in development)

  • V-Tech Prime (in development)

  • eVet Practice (in development)

  • IDEXX Neo (in development)

How much does it cost?

Pet Cause Media has many products available now and in development! For Smart Waiting Room™, our current flagship product, practices can pay on either a monthly or annual schedule. For practices that pay monthly, the price is $69 per month. Annual practices that pay up front receive a discounted rate of $700 per year.

How safe is my data?

Very safe! Our Privacy Policy explicitly favors the veterinary practice and that ensures that no personally identifiable information will ever leave your practice without your express permission. To make this as clear as possible we’ve even provided samples of how we handle different types of data.

Key values for Pet Cause Media include trust and credibility. Your practice’s privacy is paramount to us. We are happy to provide data integration for your trusted partners and suppliers, but we will never just sell your data.

What if I want to cancel service?

We want you to feel secure in using us, that’s why there will never be any hidden fees. There’s no cancellation fee, and you can terminate at any time you want.

We really hope you won’t want to go (and we don’t think you will!), but if you do, our cancellation policy is very straightforward. All we ask is that you return any hardware that we’ve sent you (if you have purchased and installed a TV through us, it is yours to keep), and we’ll cancel your billing.

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