You want clients to follow your recommendations and ask meaningful questions.


So do we!

Smart Outcomes™ leverages personalization to stimulate better conversations between clients and veterinary teams.

Better compliance

Smart Outcomes™ practices get more from their clients and see better health in their patients.

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A staff multiplier

Your system is always on, there to educate your clients whether your staff is in the room or not.

Proven results

With industry-leading reporting capabilities, you can always be sure that your system is working.


Better compliance. Proven.

At the end of the day, what matters most is getting your clients to embrace your recommendations. Smart Outcomes™ practices have seen outstanding results including:

  • Improved monthly revenues of +$3,000 per full-time doctor ($36,000 in additional annual revenue)

  • +20% improved  compliance on heartworm prevention

  • +83% improved compliance on flea and tick prevention

  • Increased in-hospital sales of preventive care products

  • More efficient exam visits

  • Client inquiries regarding specialty services offered as displayed on Smart Outcomes™ systems

  • Better client satisfaction in visits and during downtime

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Deeper insights. Instantly.

When you sign up for Smart Outcomes™, our team immediately begins to unlock the story behind your data.

Data normalization and coding

See your data in a new light with proprietary tools to give you whole new insights on your data. Coded and verified by veterinary professionals.

Safe, secure, private

Never worry again about who is using your data. We will never release your information to any parties without your express permission.

Learn more about data privacy ▻

Patient records. Visualized.

Effortlessly know the status of a patient's preventive care compliance with one glance at the screen. 

Conversations that matter to clients

Save time​ in the exam and run through the pet's preventive care checklist with Pet Health Scorecard, and move on in minutes.

Overcome objections

Compelling educational content automatically tailored to the needs of the pet in the room.

Simple to use

Train staff in seconds to assign and vacate exam rooms, and start seeing the benefits of personalized records right away.

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A voice in the exam room.

All the time, every time.

Add another tech to your staff who never goes on break

Top quality educational content and a personalized feed ensure that your clients are receiving your highest standard of care even when your staff isn't present in the room.

Results. Delivered.

Results are only as good as the reporting. That's why we invested in industry-leading reporting capabilities, so you will always know exactly how well you're doing on a variety of fronts.


"It's not a television. For us, this is a clinical tool. It helps me stay on top of my priorities." 

Dr. Laurie Klein

"We are having more and more clients asking questions about treatments that their pets may be due for."


Kristi, Barnesville Animal Clinic



Welcome! We'll take it from here.

Joining the Smart Outcomes™ program is simple. Once you get in touch with our team, we immediately get to work preparing your equipment and data integration, so all you have to do is tell us when to turn it on.

Read on for an in-depth discussion, or click below to schedule your pre-onboarding call and get a pricing quote. Pricing is as low as $2-3 per exam visit!

Initial Consult.

As easy as you want it to be

Start with a scheduled consult with our team. In this call, we'll answer any questions that you might have. We'll also ask some of our own, so we can begin to plan to support your practice once you join.

Simple pricing

In your initial consult, we'll also give you a pricing quote. Smart Outcomes™ is a subscription service with a monthly price that is based on your practice's number of full-time equivalent doctors. One FTE is $350/month and it goes down per FTE from there. That's about $2-3 per outpatient appointment, and we guarantee you'll see more than that returned to you.

An agreement that protects you

Once we finish your initial consult, we'll send your services contract to review. We offer not only great service but great peace of mind, and if you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

Schedule your initial consult ▻



As soon as we receive your signed agreement, we will immediately start the process of getting your system up and running. From start to finish, we aim to have this process complete within two weeks depending on the availability of you or your team.

Extending your practice management software

Our technicians will schedule a short call to install our data connector with your practice management system. This usually takes no more than ten minutes to complete, after which our data scientists begin the work of analyzing your data.

Customizing your media players

Our team will create your custom configuration based on your specifications and ship them to you as soon as they are ready. Installation to your television is simple, and we are always available to help.

And that's it!

You're off on your way now. Thank you for joining Smart Outcomes™!

*Pricing subject to change without notice.


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